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Case Background: Eight years after I was attacked at knifepoint in front of my NYC apartment, the case was revived as part of Manhattan’s District Attorney’s Cold Case Project review.  Through a positive DNA match made by the NY State Sexual Offenders DNA Databank and evidence in the Police Department's cold case files, the serial rapist was caught. In June 2006, the attacker, dubbed by the media the “Top Gun Rapist”  was found guilty on all 8 counts. 


My involvement: I testified in front of a grand jury and again during the trial. While DNA was the star witness, jury members told the press they based their decision 50% on DNA evidence and 50% on survivor testimonies. The judge cited my victim impact statement when she delivered the maximum sentence. Former Manhattan District Attorney Robert M. Morgenthau pointed to the indictment to support his call to expand New York State’s DNA Databank and the Predatory Sexual Assault statute. The case was also instrumental in eliminating New York State’s statute of limitations on sexual assault.




I can help enhance your client’s experience and, from one survivor to another, offer specialized support that will improve the odds of winning more cases, result in longer sentences, call for more stringent legislation, and encourage more survivors to come forward to seek justice. 

  • Writing Consultant

  • Trial Advocate

  • Moderator

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