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Terms & Conditions

Write to Healing (a.k.a. Marnie Goodfriend) is not a licensed mental health care therapist or psychologist. Marnie draws on her experience as a sexual assault advocate and survivor, emergency room advocate, public speaker, and helping other survivors to provide supplemental care and coaching to aid you in your recovery. 

By seeking Marnie Goodfriend/Write to Healing’s care and advice in any form or media including but not limited to sessions, coaching, workshops, workbooks, digital and/or printed materials, videos, blog posts, podcasts, you acknowledge that you are willingly participating in Marnie Goodfriend/Write to Healings services and do not hold Marnie Goodfriend/Write to Healing liable for any acts or decisions made based on the products/services provided.  


Writing to Healing is not a replacement for therapy, psychiatric, or mental health treatment. If you are struggling with feelings of depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts or any other mental health issues, please seek immediate help with a mental health care professional.

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